Create your Opencart order invoice with your Dolibarr ERP CRM

How to create invoices for your Opencart orders with Dolibarr ERP CRM

Dolicart mades it simple to create invoices for your Opencart orders

Having a unique and secure invoicemanagement is foundamental for each company. It is a real question when company has a multi-canal selling process, or if it sells products on several webshops.

As other e-commerce CMS, Opencart can provide an invoice for ordered products. But it is mostly intended for customers, and not for your accountant.

Our solution consists in replacing Opencart invoices with the Invoice generated by the Dolibarr ERP. Dolibarr has it own invoicing system, and a build-in acountancy function. Accountants apreciate to have a complete list of your company invoices. And your Opencart customers can get and download the Dolibarr generated Invoice pdf.

In this video you can see how an order placed on Opencart is invoiced in Dolibarr and how customer get his invoice in is account on Opencart shop.

Orders are imported in Dolibarr. If it is paid online (credit card, Paypal ….) the invoice is automatically created and your customer can get the invoice pdf file.

If you have to wait for customers payment, you have a tool to create the payment in Dolibarr, and the Invoice will be created.

All you have to do now is to ship the order ….

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