E-Tiaris, our E-commerce management system will be updated regularly. Her you will find latest news

Since 2008 Tiaris offers the e-commerce management System for Dolibarr ERP

The ecommerce System brings you :

  • A multicanal selling solution
  • A global stock management in your company
  • A centralised order Management
  • A unique Invoice Management
  • Processes optimisation and more efficiency
Shippinglabel with Geodis #News

Create your Geodis transport labels in Dolibarr ERP/CRM.

Adding a new product catalog #News

How to add a new product catalog to an existing catalog with e-Tiaris, the e-commerce management of Dolibarr ?

First International Dolibarr Devcamp In Austria #News

A Devcamp is a gathering of developers, who work together during the event on a common project.

For an Open-source project like Dolibarr, whose developers are volunteers and spread over many countries, Devcamp also allows them to meet, exchange and keep up to date with the project evolutions.

Dolibarr e-commerce management videos #News

How to manage one stock when selling online and in a physical store? How to have a unique invoice management? How to get a common clients and prospects list? How to optimise supplier orders? How to synchronize stocks between e-commerce and physical stocks?

Dolibarr at Amnesty International Belgium #News

As each company, a non-profit organisation tries to optimize its processes to achieve its goals. And to do this, right tools are needed.

With Dolibarr ERP/CRM and some dedicated modules developped by Tiaris, Amnesty International could contact their 34 000 voluntaers and getting them involved in the Winter Campaign 2015.

New functions for Dolibarr 3.7 #News

New Dolibarr stable 3.7 is out. It brings a mot of interesting functions with it. Short presentation and some advice if you plan to migrate.

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