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Products and Extensions

Dolibarr modules developped by Tiaris

Our Expertise : Integrate your ecommerce activity with your whole business management. So you can treat your customers, orders, products with one single tool : your ERP/CRM Dolibarr for all management tasks.
To respond to some customer needs, wa have also developped some extensions for Dolibarr ERP/CRM. They can be found on our webshop Tiaris Solutions Online


  • Stock reservation for Dolibarr

    In some siuations, it is necessary to reserve a product in stock, even before the product really goes out to the client, to avoid selling it another time.

  • Boost Dolibarr’s CRM with webprospects

    With our Webprospects Module, you can add in an easy way new prospects in your commercial contacts list in Dolibarr ERP/CRM.

  • Import tool for Dolibarr

    A company needs often to import, or update a lot of datas (thirdpaties, products, stocks). For them, Tiaris has developped a simple import tool.

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