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Dolibarr is a well known and easy to use software. It is developped and maintained by a growing international Community, and user can find a lot of information on Comunity sites ( and forums.
But, it is usefull for a company to get professional help, advices and developpements for meeting their needs or offer garanted solutions for their business. Our Cloud offer for e-business owners is an integrated Solution for managing Prestashop, Opencart, Oscommerce or Magento Sites.
Tiaris is a referenced Dolibarr Prefered Partner. We participate in Dolibarr developpement, testing, and Community Management (member of Dolibarr International Foundation).


  • Dolibarr ecommerce cloud service

    With our cloud service, you concentrate on your business, we install and provide you with a modern and powerfull management tool.
    More than 200 systems in production all over the world !

  • 10 advantages of Dolibarr’s Cloud e-commerce Management

    E-merchants goal and first preoccupation is to developp their online sales. They do not have time to spend, for assembling, installing, configuring an adapted management tool to manage their buisness.
    Our Cloud of for the Dolibarr e-commerce management is made for them.