Dolibarr e-commerce as a Cloud service

10 advantages of Dolibarr’s Cloud e-commerce Management

Our e-commerce management as a Cloud Service allows e-merchants to focalize on their business developpment and optimisation

Dolibarr’s e-commerce Management, available as a Cloud service comes with number of additionnals functions to fit with e-merchants needs. All additionnals modules have been carefully selected and assembled by Tiaris to work together and with the recent Dolibarr ERP/CRM System. Here are 10 advantages of our Cloud Solution.

  • Simplicity No need to install Dolibarr, nor buy install, and configure additional modules. We have done this for you.
  • Quality Hosting No need to search for a hosting and manage it. Our cloud solution is hosted on well taylored and powerfull servers located in France.
  • Hosting Management We care about hosting and server management. You will get the services you need.
  • Your datas are secured Datas are the heart of your business. We care about them with professional backups and care about server and application security.
  • Stability Our Cloud Solution is based on a recent Dolibarr ERP/CRM stable release, and all extensions have been selected and tested to work together. Tiaris is Dolibarr Prefered Partner and a longtime Dolibarr Community member.
  • Service availability Our hoster offers a 99,99% service availability for his hosting service.
  • Counceling It is not enough to install Dolibarr and some modules to get success. We help you to define and optimize your business processes. We share our expertise in councelling e-merchants for many years
  • Assistance With our Cloud solution, you will allways find answers to your questions about dolibarr and e-comemrce management.
  • Education We provide educationnal services for our clients
  • Follow up Your business will progress, your management tools must follow this progress. We have abilities and experience to help you making the best choices.

Get more informations about functions of our Cloud offer for Dolibarr’s e-commerce Management

Since 2008, Tiaris works with e-merchants with providing tools for improving their management. They gain productivity and optimize their processes. Our system is available for e-commerce sites build with Prestashop, Opencart, Magento, Oscommerce.

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