Change your e-commerce CMS with e-Tiaris

How to upgrade your e-commerce

It is sometimes usefull to change the e-commerce CMS for a more adapted system. with e-Tiaris, its possible without loosing customers history.

Change your e-commerce site system

The e-commerce system (CMS) you were using until now is not suitable anymore, you have to change it completely and move to another system more adapted to your needs.

This is what happened recently to a user of e-Tiaris, the e-commerce management of Dolibarr. His Woocommerce site had reached its limits, it was decided to replace it by a Prestashop site. The migration of the site was entrusted to a qualified provider, tests were conducted, and then came the day of the production. The Woocommerce site was stopped and the Prestashop site took over.

2 hours after the Woocommerce site was stopped, Dolibarr imported the first orders from the new Prestahop site.

e-Tiaris can adapt to most of the situations encountered by e-merchants on a daily basis.

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