Dolibarr helps Amnesty International Belgium to manage its campaign

Dolibarr at Amnesty International Belgium

Amnesty International in Belgium organise its end year campaign with tools based on Tiaris E-commerce System for Dolibarr.

As each company, a non-profit organisation tries to optimize its processes to achieve its goals. And to do this, right tools are needed.

With Dolibarr ERP/CRM and some dedicated modules developped by Tiaris, Amnesty International could contact their 34 000 voluntaers and getting them involved in the Winter Campaign 2015.

The non profit organisation Amnesty International in Belgium uses our E-commerce system since 2013 with its online Prestashop store.

Each year, from september to december, Amnesty has a special action with its voluntears : ask them to sell the well known Amnesty candles.

In 2015, this campaign has been managed with Dolibarr ERP/CRM. So they could :

  • Contact all their voluntears by mailing and phoning
  • Receive voluntears orders in Dolibarr
  • Process more than 5 000 orders / month
  • Organize shippment and invoicing for received orders
  • Have real-time statistics on Campaign results.

Tiaris works with Amnesty since 2013, and developped some special modules for achieving this tasks.

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