Dolicart optimize e-commerce activity management for your Opencart shops with Dolibarr ERP

Dolicart : e-commerce management for Opencart shops

Optimize your Opencart e-commerce management with Dolibarr ERP CRM

An efficient process for products, stocks, orders, clients created by e-commerce webshops is a major criteria for a successfull e-commerce experience. Dolibarr’s ERP tools, extended by our e-commerce functions allows you to create unique processes for your whole company. Your employes will gain on efficiency, and you will have tools to manage and optimize the whole activity of your company. Our e-commerce management solution based on Dolibarr opensource ERP/CRM are available for Opencart Webshops.

An e-commerce actvity depends on several elements, which have each an influence on success. of course, First, you need an adapted e-commerce webshop. The Opencart CMS allows you to create efficient, modern shops. Then you have to do some referencing and marketing to attract people on your site. Of course you need nice products and prices. And you must have a organised management process to handle all this, including stock management, invoicing, order shipment, Customer management.

Dolicart is an e-commerce management tool based on the Dolibarr opencsource ERP/CRM. Dolibar is a well known opensource ERP adapted for small and medium companies. created in France in 2003, it is supported by a very large and active developper community, and more and more partners in the whole world. Dolicart uses a simple motto “Sell products on your Opencart webshops, and manage your business with Dolibarr”. Our system is used by a lot of Webshops since 2009, in frnace, Europe and elsewhere.

What you can do with Dolicart :

  • you can treat all your order shipments (from e-commerce or not) with the ERP tools and processes
  • You have a unique invoicing.
  • Sell your products on several webshops with a central management
  • Optimize your stocks and shipments
  • synchronize your Dolibarr stock with your online stock
  • manage your customers/leads from the CRM tools of your ERP
  • User will gain in productivity

Our Offer : We recommend our Cloud Service. It consists in a Dolibarr installed for your business, with all our modules for e-commerce and logistics management. Included is also maintenance and assistance.

We can also install our system on your servers, and provide assistance.

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