First International Dolibarr Devcamp In Austria

The German-speaking community of Dolibarr organizes its first Devcamp

A Devcamp is a gathering of developers, who work together during the event on a common project.

For an Open-source project like Dolibarr, whose developers are volunteers and spread over many countries, Devcamp also allows them to meet, exchange and keep up to date with the project evolutions.

The Dolibarr project regularly organizes Devcamp to allow developers to gather and work together on the project.

Beside information and exchanges, coding is still the main part: we fix bugs submitted by users. In France, there are two Devcamp per year : one in spring (to prepare the release of the summer stable version of Dolibarr) and one in winter (to prepare the release of the winter stable version of Dolibarr)

The Dolibarr German-speaking community organizes its first Devcamp in Vienna, Austria next week (September 23-25), an opportunity for German-speaking developers to meet and contribute to Dolibarr project.

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