Import tool for Dolibarr

Import tool for Dolibarr

A company needs often to import, or update a lot of datas (thirdpaties, products, stocks). For them, Tiaris has developped a simple import tool.

You want to integrate a new list of prospects, or update contacts A supplier send you his new pricelist for products you sell You want to imùport a list of new products you sell You need to update your selling prices for alll or part of your products You want to correct your stocks Every company faces this sort of questions. And often, you get the new datas in a spredsheet form (Excel, Open/lmibreoffice).

To have a simple tool to do theese tasks, Tiaris developped this Import tool. Its very simple : you prepare the datas with your spreadsheet tool, (document models are included) and you treat them with the tool.

The new version (january 2017) is more powerfull, and treats, extrafields, product packs, categories, inventories. You can adapt your import file formats to your needs.

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