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Logistics for Dolibarr ERP

Manage your shipment process, from the customer order until the delivery to client all with Dolibarr. Includes stock optimisation with stock places

Knowing at every time the processing of a customer order, Optimizing access to the stock, controlling the parcels content, editing documents and labels informing customers are the daily work of people in charge of the processing customer orders.

The Logistics module adds tools to the standard Dolibarr functions to meet these needs. From the acceptance of an order to its delivery to the customer, you can follow every step of this important process directly from your Dolibarr screens.

This module is compatible with our e-commerce management solution. It is part of our hosted solution.


General functions

Upon validation of an order in the ERP, it is determined whether it is ready to be shipped or whether it is necessary to wait for a replenishment

Mass treatments Select the orders to be shipped and create the shipments (Delivery Note) and shipping label in one move (using module Shippinglabels). You win many stages

Printing shipment documents Mass edit Delivery voucher documents, labels to prepare your packages. Create a picking list to optimise stock picking.

Parcel creating Check parcel content to be sure that it matches the order. (a barcode reader can be used)

Shipper pickup Indicate parcels pickup by carriers : the parcel has left your company and is on the way.

Parcel tracking Follow the route to the recipient directly from the dedicated folow up pag provided by module or via the carrier tracking links

logistique tracking

This module, as well as the Shippinglabels module are standard part of our E-commerce management as a Cloud service

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Logistique étiquetage
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