New functions for Dolibarr 3.7

Dolibarr’s new stable version 3.7 has many new interesting features

New Dolibarr stable 3.7 is out. It brings a mot of interesting functions with it. Short presentation and some advice if you plan to migrate.

More than 70 new functions in this release ! and a lot of bug fixes also.

New functions

  • you can login with email as well as login (future is SSO)
  • more documents in odt format
  • more showen stats
  • more filters on lists
  • Agenda Module and tasks has been recoded
  • First steps for accessibility like

Migrate to Dolibarr 3.7

Migration to this new version needs some special attentions (as a migration is always a task that should be prepared and made ,professionnaly).

First of all check your mysql version on you dolibarr server if it is 5.5.40, there is a serious risk of loosing datas, due to a known Mysql bug. (see

Than you have to update all your external modules and documents. Ask Developer of theese modules, how to get the update. This version has big changes in naming of files and also on database tables and columns. So mùodules which worked fine until 3.6, will bug on 3.7. Check with Module and document Developper.

What about Tiaris e-commerce System ?

As all modules our e-commerce module needs an update. Contact-us for information, so we will present you also modules new features.

Attention, the first release 3.7.0 has a bug : pictures added on products cards in older versions, will no more appear. Should be corrected in next correction release 3.7.1.

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