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Dolibarr’s E-commerce system version Pro

This is standard version of Dolibarr’s e-commerce system by Tiaris

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This is the complete system version. We install it on your servers
Here the list of functions added on Community version.


- Supplier import
- Can manage several web-shops
- Can set automated tasks

Product management

- Long and Short descriptions
- Can manage product on webshop from dolibarrs product card
- mass treatements for sending products or update products in webshop
- products image management
- barcode management
- supplier prices import from webshop
- categories equivalence Dolibarr / Webshop

Customer Management

- prospects import from webshop
- add imported customers or prospects to dolibarrs categories
- add a commercial to imported customers and prospects
- CEE VAT number management

Order Management

- Tracking number transfer to webshop
- Dolibarr invoice transfer to webshop
- Customer addresses update
- Paypal and Paybox commission calculation
- can affect a specific invoice template for invoices coming from a webshop

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