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Dolibarr Ecommerce Management

Management system for E-commerce Sites

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"Sell on your e-commerce sites and manage your whole business with a professionnal ERP/CRM System". That is the motto of our Dolibarr ecommerce system.

To build our system we have choosen a well known and active opensource project : Dolibarr ERP/CRM. Tiaris is a Prefered Partner of Dolibarr Project and helps with developpement and building Community.

Since 2008, we developp and install our e-commerce management system for Dolibarr to various clients in France, Europe and over the world. around 200 sites use our solution.

Some focuses :
- All your business (online and offline) is managed with one tool : your ERP/CRM
- You can manage several e-commerce sites with one Dolibarr
- Selling products in a physical store and an online store
- Optimize your teams productivity

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