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Components of Dolibarr e-commerce management

Dolibarr e-commerce management is a business management solution based on the Dolibarr enterprise management tool (ERP/CRM) able to integrate online sales via e-commerce sites in the global management of the company. A powerful solution for e-commerce ERP integration compatible with the main e-commerce systems like PrestaShop, Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart.

It adds many automations to the classic functions of the ERP and allows users to gain in efficiency and security of processing.

A set of functions "Sell on the Internet, manage the business centrally". this is the operation principle of the e-commerce management of Dolibarr. It allows to combine all the power, well known now, of online commerce and the reliability of a business management tool that covers all the management needs of a VSE/SME today. Thus the company benefits from the best of both worlds: e-commerce ensures its permanent online presence, allows it to sell its products on new markets and to enlarge its customer/prospect base, and the use of Dolibarr ERP/CRM allows a global, centralized and secure management of its daily activity, invoicing, inventory management, accounting.

The e-commerce management of Dolibarr is a set of extensions to the standard functions of the ERP/CRM allowing the integration of the e-commerce activity in the management of the company. Over the 12 years of its existence, it has been considerably enriched and can now be adapted to many situations. The following describes the main components of the solution.

The components of e-Tiaris, e-commerce management of Dolibarr

The e-commerce component


Its function is to ensure bidirectional synchronization between the ERP/CRM Dolibarr and the e-commerce sites. Its functions allow to import in the ERP the orders and customers of e-commerce sites, to synchronize the processing of orders with the site of origin, to import the prospects, to put on sale articles of the ERP on an e-commerce site, to synchronize automatically the stock of the ERP with the quantity on sale online, to replace the invoicing by the sites with the unique invoicing of the company, the one of the ERP, integrated in the accounting and compatible with the finance law.

It is possible to connect several e-commerce sites to Dolibarr, and thus to group the treatment of all the orders in the ERP, to sell the products via other channels (stores, show room, network of commercials…) in addition to the e-commerce. The system can be used with the vast majority of e-commerce systems on the market: Prestashop, Opencart, Woocommerce, Magento, Oscommerce.

The logistics component

Handling customer orders efficiently is fundamental to a merchant. The Logistics module helps order pickers with their tasks. It offers editing functions (delivery notes, picking lists, preparation notes, transport labels), packing functions to avoid shipping errors, traceability of the pick-up by the carrier and the routing to the customer.

It can be used with the main carriers (UPS, Colissimo, GLS, DPD, Chronopost, TNT, Mondial Relay, Fedex, DHL, Géodis…). Associated with the E-commerce component, it allows you to create a Click&Collect function. It allows to organize stocks with the management of locations and the calculation of preparation orders

The CRMPro component


Effective customer care is important in every business. The function of module CRMPro is to contribute to this by automating the relationship with customers for example for sending documents (invoices, delivery notes) or reminders (quotes, invoices). All with personalized emails.

The Supply Chain SCM component

Managing supplies and supplier catalogs in the best possible way is strategic. The SCM Supplymanager module provides tools to calculate requirements and create replenishment orders. Thanks to its reports and its logic, it allows to estimate the supplier orders to be created easily.

It allows to integrate the data transmitted by the suppliers in the form of files or flows in the ERP. Thus your product data will always be up to date (availability, purchase price, new references…)

The returns management component

Sometimes a product is returned by a customer. The Returns module allows you to handle the workflow related to a product return, to reintegrate the product into a stock, to create a credit note for the customer.

Components for product management

Several modules allow you to extend product management: manage product families, manage a virtual stock (products in kits, composable, decomposable), an inventory function, Mass processing functions.

Integration of new prospects

What if you turned your online form users into one-click leads? This is the function of the Webprospects module in the business prospecting domain. Integrate in your commercial database the people who contact you via your contact pages or forms, because they are interested in your offer. This component then allows you to organize mailing and phonig campaigns for the follow-up of these prospects.

Our Offer The e-commerce management as a cloud service contains all these components. They are installed and maintained by us. All functions, with our expertise and support for your business.

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