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Optimize your ecommerce management

Be more efficient for managing your e-commerce activities

Small sites, Large catalogs, B2B businesses, B2C sites, multisite, crosschanel, … Each Ecommerce is different. Since 2008, Tiaris helps e-merchants in various situations to improve their order, product, customer management. We can help you too with our solutions and by sharing our experience

Optimize your buisiness processes will help you to develop your e-commerce activity.

Tiaris developps and improves since 2008 an e-commerce solution with Dolibarr opensource ERP/CRM. Sell on Ecommerce, Manage your company with ERP/CRM is the principal of our solution. Ecommerce sale functions bring you new customers and orders, ERP/CRM Dolibarr management functions help you managing your whole company and your ecommerce activity: orders treatment, invoicing, product and inventory management, customers feedback….

This e-commerce system is available in several versions for a better adjustment to your requirements :

Community Version

Simplified version with all essentials functions (orders treatment, inventory, synchronization, customers importation) which allows you to integrate an e-commerce website in Dolibarr’s solution (detailed list of Community version functions here).

Pro Version

Complete version of the e-commerce module. Installed by us with a maintenance contract for a better user experience : we help you defining and optimizing your business processes. (detailed list of additional functions here).

Cloud version

Our hosted Service ist completed with a lot of modules and tools integrated for a better Experience and service. (detailed list of additional functions here).

Expert Version

We analyse your process with you to choose the best solution for the optimization of your e-commerce system. You can manage : many prices levels, a multistore site, automating treatments …

Our objective : help you to optimize your e-commerce management. Benefit from our long experience in counceling ca 200 e-commerce shoppers in optimizing their business.

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